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If you are having problems with something not working, like a button, link, or other feature it is probably a problem with your Internet browser.

We designed FaithMail to work 100% with the latest version of Firefox. We recommend using it to ensure all features work properly and you get the best performance.

That being said, we also TRY to ensure FaithMail works with the following Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and MS Edge.

If you are using some other browser FaithMail may or may not work properly.

If you are using one of the supported browsers and things still are not working chances are JavaScript has been disabled in your Internet browser. This can happen by installing some browser add-ons or by manually changing the settings in your browser. To ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your Internet browser go into your Internet browser's settings/preferences. You will find an option to enable/disable JavaScript in there normally under Advanced settings. Just be sure JavaScript is enabled.


You may send and receive email attachments up to 50MB in size to and from FaithMail, however, many other email service providers do not support sending or receiving large files; if the destination email service does not support the file size you are sending delivery will fail. You are not allowed to attach certain file types because of security concerns. One work-a-round may be to compress the file first using a format such as zip.

Mobile clients

If you turned on multi-factor auth to protect your account, depending on how you configured it, it could prevent your mobile mail client from accessing your account because most mobile clients do not support multi-factor auth. If this is the case, try disabling multi-factor auth to see if it restores access to your mobile client. If it does and you would still like to keep multi-factor auth you can adjust your multi-factor auth setting by clicking on the Settings link in get green banner at the top of the FaithMail site and select Password then two-factor auth; the settings can be configured here.

If you have tried all of the above and are still having trouble please do not hesitate to contact Asclepius Rod Support using the below email address.

May you walk with God always,

Asclepius Rod Support