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This feature has been discontinued.

Use the web interface on the View email page or you can use your own mobile, tablet, desktop, or server client using the information below.

In order to use your own calendar client (normally used on mobile devices), you must have a service level that allows non-web access. You can check and change your service level by clicking on the "Upgrade" link in the green banner on the top of the FaithMail site.

You should always select your calendar client's connect using secure connection option, sometimes called SSL or TLS. FaithMail supports secure connections on the below ports and un-secure connections on the standard well known ports for the respective DAV calendar services. Beware if you do not choose your clients secure connection option or if your client does not have one, your FaithMail username/password and all information sent via such a connection can potentially be read by hackers.

Once you have verified that your service level allows non-web access you can setup your mobile, tablet, desktop, and server clients to use the below information to access your FaithMail email services:

Your host/server is:

Your username is :

Your password is: YourFaithMailSecretPassword

FaithMail.Org CalDAV User Setup

This provides FaithMail.Org standalone CalDAV calendaring support (including calendar sharing) for mobile devices and desktop clients.

If it needs to be specified the full caldav url is: [replace the words "YourFaithMailUsername" with your username listed above.] or some servers may expect:

Username needs to be full and password is your normal FaithMail.Org account password. Configuration walkthrough of some sample clients below:

FaithMail.Org as a CalDav calendar client

FaithMail.Org now supports CalDav integrated "drag and drop" calendaring from the FaithMail.Org ajax interface. Provided this is enabled on FaithMail.Org customisation page, no FaithMail.Org configuration is needed :-) Key features include:

  • Calendar synchronisation with mobile clients
  • Calendar sharing between mutiple accounts
  • Define multiple additional calendars
  • Configure alerts that will trigger on mobile devices
  • Repeat event support

Week View Edit Event

(click screenshots to enlarge)

Additional features include:

  • Support for: Day, week, month and year views
  • Customise display color per calendar
  • Point & click / drag & drop event manipulation
  • Single key stroke switching between: date range and scale (one or more modifier keys plus arrows)

Month View Year View

Configure Calendar Sharing using FaithMail.Org

FaithMail.Org CalDAV calendaring will allow you to specify one or more calendars for each email account. Each of these calendars may be shared with other caldav users on the same system. Sharing is configured using the FaithMail.Org interface (surgeplus calendaring page). Calendars can be shared with the following permissions, and displayed to the person you are sharing it with as:

  • read / write access: displayed as "Calendar Name | Owner (RW)"
  • read access: displayed as "Calendar Name | Owner (R)"
  • free / busy access: displayed as "Calendar Name | Owner (B)"

Share Calendars

iOS Client Configuration

Standard account configuration under iOS should simply be a case of adding a new calDAV account and correctly filling out the server, fully specified email address as user name and the password:

In addition you may need to accept non ssl based connections if you do not have a CA signed SSL certificate and specify the server port if this is non standard :

iOS will automatically detect the full caldav url, and automatically detect any calenders you have already got defined under the server on your account. Any calendars others have shared with you will also be automatically detected and displayed in your list of calendars.

OSX iCal Desktop Client Configuration

iCal will also automatically detect the full caldav url and all calendars based on valid username, password and server address settings. Again you may need to confirm acceptance of non ssl based connections if the server does not have a valid SSL certificate setup.

Windows Lightning Thunderbird Extension Configuration

Lightning has been tested and seems to work well as a free windows desktop CalDAV client with FaithMail.Org CalDAV calendaring. Setup is slightly more involved as it does not seem to autodetect the caldav url or calendars. (there may be ways around this - let me know if you find them) To connect to existing calendars, use the FaithMail.Org interface to copy the full url of any of your available calendars (or create / share calendars as needed), then add this as a new network calendar in Lightning:

Android calendaring client

Android "CalDAV-Sync" (no endorsement for this particular product and netwin is not affiliated with the developer in any way) has been tested to successfully allow FaithMail.Org CalDAV calendars to be used using the native android calendar client. To configure, just login using the url of as the url and email address and password and all existing calendars should get detected.

Other CalDAV Clients

A variety of other CalDAV clients are available and may suit your needs better than the above listed clients. Notably for outlook we have had positive customer feedback on the use of this product: iCal4OL - outlook connector

The above information should be all you need to access your calendar from any Internet device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop calendar client. Consult your user manual or service provider for the exact steps to setup your device.